The TVs and monitors Samsung claims the use of Active Crystal Color technology which is designed to improve the quality of the image on the display device. It is used in a variety of displays, from phones to TVs.

What is active crystal color?

Active Crystal Color name was given to the Company for registration as a trade mark in December 2015.

What is really the technology?

It includes a description of the processing device receives the signal, the use of algorithms to increase the brightness and the color image displayed on the device screen. So far, this technology is declared only in TVs with displays on quantum dots and monitors with screens made by VA technology.  The presence of this technology in the TV does not mean that the TV has a 10 bit matrix. This is just standard software that comes with the TV operating system. But on some TVs, Crystal Color can be turned off at the software level or removed from a specific version of the operating system.

As is known in the transmission of color image quality depends largely on the quality of the screen, and only then from software and processing algorithms. Given that the technology claimed in the main screen in the quantum dot and monitors with new matrices can be assumed that the name has a marketing purpose to attract a buyer and paying attention to the details in the description of the device.

What is new is worth in excess of this technology.

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