Some Samsung TVs and monitors claim to use Active Crystal Color or Dynamic Crystal color technology. If you read Samsung’s website, you will learn that this technology is designed to improve picture quality. It is used in various displays, from monitors to televisions. But what this technology means and how it works, you will learn from this article

What is Active Crystal Color and Dynamic Crystal Color

Samsung registered the trademark Active Crystal Color in 2016 and started the registration process in December 2015. The registration was timed to coincide with the creating of a separate series of Samsung TVs, the QLED series. Subsequently, a budget series of Crystal TVs appeared, and years went by; for marketing reasons, the same technology can only be used briefly, as novelty is lost. So, the second version of Dynamic Crystal Color appeared.
Active and Dynamic Crystal Color are marketing names used in some Samsung TVs; in 2023, these names can be found in Crystal series TVs.

So, what is Crystal Color technology all about?

You should know that this technology is only used in budget TVs. And what means budget TV, low-power processor, and cheap screen is usually an 8-bit screen with dithering technology. But when promoting the product, that is marketing, it is necessary to give the product some unique qualities with a beautiful name so that the buyer subconsciously thinks he is buying something unique, not a cheap TV. That’s what technologies like Crystal Color are for. Crystal Color technology is a subroutine that processes the image before it is displayed on the screen.

The principle of Crystal Color technology

An image processing program is built into the TV software. This program is adapted for conventional displays and is designed to increase the brightness and contrast of the picture. After the TV has received and processed the video stream, it is necessary to adjust the video quality; the image needs to be improved, which is what the program does; it increases contrast and color. Visually, the image on the TV screen becomes more saturated and beautiful.

Dynamic Crystal Color and Active Crystal Color, the latest considerations

To conclude, we are skeptical of the explanations on official websites about Dynamic Crystal Color and Active Crystal Color technologies. For example, you can read the following description of Dynamic technology on Samsung’s Canadian website.

Realistic color is created in its purest form using tiny crystals.
Another level of UHD with advanced phosphor technology. Immerse yourself in an image with a billion shades of color. Dynamic Crystal Color technology delivers realistic variations so you can see every subtlety.

Since you realize this is just a marketing slogan with nothing concrete, let’s break it down for interest.

Realistic color in its purest form is created using tiny crystals: the pixels in LED TVs are filled with a liquid crystal substance. A pixel is a filter that allows a specific color (red, blue, green) to pass through. In Crystal series TVs, the screens are made with outdated technology that cannot transmit color shades qualitatively.
Another UHD level with advanced phosphor technology: Phosphor is used in the backlight LEDs of LED TVs. Unfortunately, as Samsung’s Crystal series LED TVs show, the backlight quality isn’t the best.
Immerse yourself in a picture with a billion shades of color: a bold claim that cannot be verified, but if you put a Dynamic Crystal Color TV and a QLED TV side by side, you’ll notice the difference in picture quality.
Dynamic Crystal Color provides realistic variations, allowing you to see every subtlety: you can’t argue with this statement; in today’s high-resolution TVs, you can see minor details.

Marketers write slogans to contain some truth so the company cannot be accused of deliberately lying, but they are far from the truth.

If you have a TV with Dynamic and Active Crystal Color, it’s a budget TV with a mediocre picture.

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