The last Friday of November is Black Friday. On this day most stores make 30-50% discounts on TVs, or even more. And many people are waiting for this day to buy a new TV. But it does not prevent to be a little prepared and navigate in the range of TVs offered.

TV brands

So a little about the brands of TVs, leading manufacturers, this:

  • Samsung, LG these companies are actively developing new technologies and the last 7 years are companies that set the pace in the development of TVs. 2020 at Samsung, this is the last year of production of classic LED TVs. Since 2021, the screen manufacturing factories will be upgraded and Samsung will start producing new improved screens.
  • Panasonic, Sony – these companies produce good TVs by purchasing components from other manufacturers. Cheap models of televisions are produced under the scheme of outsourcing. These televisions are produced by other companies under the brands Sony and Panasonic. More expensive models are produced in the factories of these brands.
  • Philips is China, but Chinese TPvisio not only bought the rights to the brand but also produces Philips TVs, as well as under the order and other brands of TVs. In North America, Philips sells contract manufacturer Funai.
    All other brands are China, including Toshiba, Sharp, Vizio and so on.

Year of TV development and production

It is no secret that many stores on Black Friday are trying to sell models of TVs of previous years. It happens that with great discounts sell TVs made a few years ago. It is not a big deal if you are ready to buy a TV that was in stock a couple of years ago. But the only remark is that such TVs should be stored in proper conditions, LED screens are not very moisture resistant, especially cheap ones.
It wouldn’t hurt to study the model numbers of the TVs in advance, it will allow you to quickly navigate through the range of TVs. This information is available on our website in the section MODEL NUMBER TVS DECODE . You can learn about numbers of TV models LG, Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, Sharp, Vizio, TCL, Grundig, Hisense, Sceptre, Philips.

Buy additional warranty on the TV

We recommend you to buy an extended warranty at once, it will allow you to repair the TV in case of breakage. And if you consider the TV sets of Chinese manufacturers and TV sets made by ODM (original design manufacturer) manufacturers. Practice shows that a TV produced 2-3 years ago is almost impossible to repair (no necessary spare parts), in this case, those who have an extended warranty, as a rule, get a new TV instead of the broken one. Purchasing an extended warranty is available on Amazon, for example, even for TVs purchased in other stores. After purchasing the protection plan, you should register your TV with the service, indicating the model of the TV, the date of purchase and the serial number.

Where is the best place to buy a TV on a black Friday?

You can buy a TV in retail stores, as well as on electronic platforms, depending on the country, buyers prefer certain sites, North America is the leader of Amazon, in other countries are local Internet sites in addition to Amazon.

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