LG Magic Remote compatibility list 2011-2020 year


Compatibility of Magic Remote Controls with LG TV models

Types LG remote control

LG makes two types of remote controls for TVs.

  1. Universal remote control, LG calls it Magic remote magic remote control. This remote control, in addition to switching channels, helps to visualize the TV control. The principle of its operation is similar to that of a computer mouse. You can also use this remote control to perform voice control of the TV. The remote control type Magic communicates with the TV using bluetooth. One condition for using a Magic remote control is that the TV must have a bluetooth module.
  2. Standard remote control. This remote control fits all TVs and controls the TV. But it does not support voice control and cursor control. This remote does not need to be set up and works with any LG TV from 2010 onwards

LG TV remote control compatibility list TVs 2011-2020

model remoteTypeyearPrice $Compatible LG TV models
LG smart TV remote (Magic Remote)20202020: CX, BX, GX, WX, ZX, Series Nano all models Nano 80, 81, 86, 90, 91, 95, 99, UN70**, UN71** (only in some countries), UN8***, UN9***
2019: W9/E9/C9/B9/SM9/SM8; UM7/LM6/LM5* (if there is bluetooth on the TV)
2018-2017: W8/G8/E8/C8/B8/A8/SK9/SK8/SK7/UK9/UK8/UK7;
UK6/LK6/LK5/UJ6/LJ6/LJ5 (if there is bluetooth on the TV)
AN-MR19BALG smart TV remote (Magic Remote)201928OLED W9, E9, C9, B9
NanoCell Models: SM99, SM95, SM90, SM86, SM81
4K UHD Models : UM80, UM75, UM74, UM73, UM71, UM6970
2018TVs /2017TVs
- W8/G8/E8/C8/B8/A8/SK9*/SK8*/SK7*/UK9*/UK8*/UK7*
- W7/G7/E7/C7/B7/SJ9*/SJ8*/SJ7*/UJ9*/UJ8*/UJ7*
- UK6*/LK6*/LK5*/UJ6*/LJ6*/LJ5* (Please verify whether the TV Bluetooth)
AN-MR18BALG smart TV remote (Magic Remote)201849.99OLED: W8, E8, C8, B8, SK9500 NanoCell Models: SK9000, SK8070, SK8000 4K UHD Models: UK7700, UK6570, UK6500, UK6300
AGF78663101Full Function Standard TV2017107OLED65W7
AGF76631064Full Function Standard TV20176LJ550B, LJ550M, LJ5500, UJ6300, UJ6500, UJ6300A, UJ6540, UJ6050, UJ6470 UJ657A
AKB75095307Full Function Standard TV20177-16LJ550B, LJ550M, LJ5500, UJ6300, UJ6500, UJ6300A, UJ6540, UJ6050, UJ6470 UJ657A
AGF78700101Full Function Standard TV201775.994K: UJ7700, SJ8000, SJ8500, SJ850A, SJ9500, SJ8570, SJ857A

AKB75056102Full Function Standard TV201785.99OLED65W7
AKB75056302Full Function Standard TV2017107OLED77G7
AKB75056402Full Function Standard TV201796.99OLED77G7
AN-MR650ALG smart TV remote (Magic Remote)201740-60UJ7700, SJ8000, SJ8500, SJ850A, SJ9500, SJ8570, SJ857A OLED: B7, C7
AN-MR650LG smart TV remote (Magic Remote)201659.99UH655x, UH650x, UH635x, UH633x, UH630x, UH950x, UH850x, UH770x, G6, E6, C6, B6
AN-MR600LG smart TV remote (Magic Remote)201525UF77x, UF85x, UF95x, UG87x, EF98х, EG96х, EF95х, EG92х, UF94х, UF86х, UF83х, UF69х, UF68х, LF65х, LF64х, LF63х
AN-MR500LG smart TV remote (Magic Remote)201425LB63xx, LB65xx, LB67xx, LB68xx, LB69xx, LB72xx, LB73xx, LB86xx, LB87xx
AN-MR400PLG smart TV remote (Magic Remote)201399Europe - LM860V, LM960V US - EA9800, LA9700, LA9650, LM9600, LA8600
AN-MR400GLG smart TV remote (Magic Remote)201399Europe - LA667V, LA667V, LA710V, LN655V, 27MT93V, PH670V, PH672V.
US - LA6950, LA6900, LA6205, LA6200, LN6150, LN5750, LN5700, LN5790, LN5710, LN5600, PH6700, PN5700
AKB73757502LG smart TV remote (Magic Remote)201339LA9700, LA9700, LA9650, LA9650
AN-MR300LG smart TV remote (Magic Remote)201245TM2792S, LM660S, LM660T, LM660T, LM670S, LM670T, LM760T, LM761S, LM761T, PM690S, PM970S, PM970T, LS5700
AN-MR200Magic Motion Remote201125LV3700, LV5400, LW5700, LK530, LK550

LG has not changed the look of its Magic Remote remotes since 2016. Previously, LG changed the protocol for connecting the remotes to the TV each year. As of 2019, LG is making remotes compatible with TVs from 2017. But still, when buying a remote, you need to pay attention to the year of development of the TV model to which the remote fits.

Magic remote LG model numbers

First, LG released magic remote controls with model numbers, for example, the AN-MR300. You should have known that the MR300 model is for 2012 TVs and the AN-MR600 model is for 2016 TVs. As of 2015, the remote control model number was also referred to as AN-MR15 to make it easier to understand, but some countries used the old remote control model number and some used the new one.

As of 2018, LG only applies the new remote control designation for all countries. The AN-MR18BA remote control model for 2018 TVs, AN-MR19BA for 2019 TVs has become clearer. AN-MR20GA remote control for 2020.

What do the letters at the end of the model number of the Magic remote mean?

For example, remote control AN-MR20GA, what do the letters GA mean? GA is a modification of the remote control, the remote control has buttons for quick access to certain commands or streaming services. For example, in many countries popular streaming services Netflix, Amazon, the TV set is equipped with a remote control AN-MR20GA, this remote control has a button for quick access to these services, on the other modification of the remote control may be a Youtube button. If in some country some other streaming services are popular, there can be made a separate button for them and it will be another modification of the remote control. Note that the TV will work with any AN-MR20 remote control regardless of the modification.

Replacing the Magic remote control

In stores you can find a large number of remote controls, the description of which mentions a replacement remote control, for example LG AN-MR19BA. It means that this remote control is not original. It is necessary to carefully study what TVs this remote control is suitable for and what functions it supports. Very often such remotes do not support voice control.

LG magic remote price

Types of remote control for LG TVs by years.

LG magic remote for TVs 2020 AN-MR20 AN-MR20GA, AN-MR20BA


The remote control is designed for use with 2020 TVs and it will also work with TVs produced since 2017. But with older TVs from 2017-2018, the remote will only work after updating the TV software. You need to update your TV software to the latest version.

LG magic remote for TVs 2019 AN-MR19 BA


The 2019 remote control is also compatible with 2017-2018 TVs. But for 2017 TVs, a software update is needed.

LG magic remote for TVs 2018 AN-MR18 BA


Magic remote for 2018 TVs, similar in appearance to the 2017 remote. It uses Bluetooth to connect to the TV.

LG magic remote for TVs 2017 AN-MR650A

Remote control for TV series

49UJ7700, 55UJ7700, 60UJ7700, 65UJ7700
● 55SJ8000, 60SJ8000, 65SJ8000
● 55SJ8500, 65SJ8500
● 65SJ850A
● 65SJ9500
● 75SJ8570
● 75SJ857A

LG magic remote for TVs 2016 AN-MR650

Remote control for UH655x, UH650x, UH635x, UH633x, UH630x, UH950x, UH850x, UH770x, G6, E6, C6, B6 series TVs. Only the design is different from previous versions. There are also LG SIGNATURE series remotes, MR15R or MR15RA, which are the same consoles as the MR600 (650) but with a different design.

LG magic remote for TVs 2015 AN-MR600


The remote control for the 2015 TV series (UF, LF, EG, EF) is compatible with the models: UF77x, UF85x, UF95x, UG87x, EF98x, EG96x, EF95x, EG92x, UF94x, UF86x, UF83x, UF69x, UF68x, LF65x, LF64x, LF63x

Supports voice commands, cursor control, scroll.

LG magic remote for TVs 2014 AN-MR500


Remote control for 2014 LB series TVs, compatible with models: LB63xx, LB65xx, LB67xx, LB68xx, LB69xx, LB72xx, LB73xx, LB86xx, LB87xx. The functionality is similar to the 2015 model.

LG magic remote for TVs AN-MR400


Remote control for TV 2013 series models LA, LN, PH, PN is compatible with models:


  • Europe – LM860V, LM960V
  • US – EA9800, LA9700, LA9650, LM9600, LA8600


  • Europe – LA667V, LA667V, LA710V, LN655V, 27MT93V, PH670V, PH672V. 
  • US – LA6950, LA6900, LA6205, LA6200, LN6150, LN5750, LN5700, LN5790, LN5710, LN5600, PH6700, PN5700 

LG magic remote for TVs 2012 AN-MR300


Smart TV remote control is available for the 2012 series TVs: TM2792S, LM660S, LM660T, LM660T, LM670S, LM670T, LM760T, LM761S, LM761T, PM690S, PM970S, PM970T

LG magic remote for TVs 2011 AN-MR200


One of the first remote controls for LG Smart TVs. Compatible with TV series LVxxxx, LKxxxx 2011.

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    • No it won’t, our TV doesn’t have a bluetooth module, Magic remote is not supported.

  1. Hi , my tv model is LG55SJ850T , can i know what is the magic remote can replace? thank you .

  2. Hi!
    My TV is LG OLED Evo 55G1PTA

    what remote model is compatible? Magic remote?

    Thank you very much!

  3. Hi. I have a 65UF850V-ZB and the MR600 remote broke. I would preferably like an original LG remote, but the MR600 is discontinued. Is there a model that is compatible? I can find MR20 and MR21 in online stores, will any of them do?

    • Only MR600 will work with your TV. Look for a non-original remote control.

  4. Hi , can i know which magic remote can compatible for me LG TV model number 55UK6320PTE

    thank you .

  5. Hello there i have and 42LA740S-ZB cant find the remote which one to use
    can someone help me pls ?

  6. Hi There, Can you please advice me the best Magic remote replacement for 60LA8600 LG TV. Thank you.

  7. Hi,
    I have a 43UH650V, I do not see this listed above unless the ‘x’ in UH650 is an ‘insert yours here’??

    So just to confirm please, would the “AN-MR650” work with my TV?


  8. which magic remote is compatible to my LG 49UJ6520.
    I already bought AN-MR650A-AK75O75301 but it did not match.

  9. Hello! I would like to know what magic remotes besides AN-MR650A can work with every functions on my 43UJ630V TV.

  10. I have LG 43uf640t, can you confirm if my tv supports magic remote if yes then what model number?

  11. AN-MR19BA remote is not working to my 65UN7300PTC LG TV . Please let me know if this is compatible ?

  12. Hi , my tv model is LG 50UK6500PTC , can i knew which magic remote is compatible to my tv ? tks.

  13. Hi , my LG TV model is 40UB800T-TB , can i knew which LG magic remote is suitable for my tv , thank you .

  14. Hola tengo una LG 65″UM7050PLA sin bluetooth pero e visto que algun Magic remote se conecta o con USB o incluso por wifi compre un MR20GA y no e podido usar nada mas que los botones e intentado con alexa con x box one pero no e savido hacer na

    • Para este solo un genérico con sensor usb que hace que emule el cursor del magic, aunque esta basado en un mouse normal y por supuesto no habrá voz

  15. Hi there, I have a AN-MR3005 magic remote broke. What remote should i look for? I miss the pointer and the HOME Menú

    • UB8000 for USA, Canada was shipped without bluetooth module. Magic remote is not supported.

  16. I have LG 49UB850V
    Magic remote broke. I really miss the pointer. What remote should i look for?

    Thank you 🙂

    • Take a look at this remote, good reviews. A replacement for your remote.

  17. My TV is SJ850V-ZA and current remote control model is AN-MR650a which I wish to replace. What remote controls I could use? Example would AN-MR18 work or do I need to find exactly the AN-MR650a model as replacement.

    • The AN-MR19 and AN-MR20 will work with your TV. You need to update your TV software to the latest version.

  18. Hi
    I have lg tv model no 49LK5730pvc
    Plz tell me which magic remote model number is compatible for my tv
    Thank you

  19. Hi
    I have UJ620V and I know that MR650A is dedicated but can I use newest after software update?

  20. Hi! My tv is LG 43LJ594V-ZA. This tv is compatible with AN-MR650A? What magic remote is compatible?

  21. Bună ziua! Am un tv LG 43LJ594V-ZA din 2017. Funcționează cu telecomanda Magic și dacă da cu ce telecomanda este compatibil? @

    • AN-MR650A in theory (as it has Bluetooth), also MR18, MR19 y MR20 should work after a software update

  22. Hi There,
    My LG TV is OLED55B6P and the remote was an LG AN-MR600

    I am having difficulty locating this model remote. Is there a version of an LG Remote that will work with the 2016 OLED TV? Will new models work?

    Thank you in advance

  23. Hi, my TV is 55UH615T. What would be the right standard remote control and magic remote control? Thank you very much

    • The UM700PLA does not have a built-in bluetooth module. Magic remote is not supported.

  24. Hi,

    Could you please advise which remote is compatible with 49LJ610v-TA (having Bluetooth)?
    also, if i purchase different type , will it work after updating TV software ?


    • Depending on the country, if your TV has bluetooth, the TV only works with the AN-MR650A remote control.

  25. Hi

    I have a model # LG 47LS5700 television that came with a model #AN-MR3005 magic remote that now needs replacing. Could you tell me which replacement remote I could use with this tv that would enable me to access the smart tv functions (inputs, Netflix, apps) ?

    Thank you so much

    • Any AN-MR300 series remote control will work with your TV.
      The AN-MR3005, a remote control of the MR300 series, and the 5 is a modification.

  26. Hi there, Marius here, I am trying to find out which magic remote would my LG 70UN71003LA need?


  27. Purchased Magic MR20Ga – works but unable to use the pointer or curser
    I have 55UN7000PUB

    I read through the comments. Couldn’t find this one, but there were others with a serial close to that were supported so, I’m hoping I just have the wrong remote?

    Thanks a bunch

    • Unfortunately the 55UN7000PUB does not have Bluetooth installed. It is not possible to use this TV with a Magic remote.

  28. Hello. Which remotes will be compatible with LG 65UN71006LB? Thanks in advance for responding!

  29. My 55UF860V came with the AN-MR600 magic remote… I’ve messaged LG to see if there’s a compatible normal (non magic remote) I can purchase, but they say only the magic remote will work…I’ve tried to look it up and found this AKB75095308 might work… Can you recommend a normal remote that will turn the TV on off, work the inputs, and up down ok… Thanks…

    • LG standard remote control (L-Con) will work with all LG TVs (2011-2020) regardless of modification
      L-con is a remote control that has buttons with digits 1,2,3….9.

      • The LG AKB75095308 remote does work as a replacement for the AN-MR600 magic remote for the **UF86** range of TV’s and I’d at least assume it will work for the TV’s you’ve listed in the table above for 2015… It performs virtually all functions including smart and settings…

  30. On my magic remote (AKB75855501) is broken motion sensor, pointer on tv is moving random. Circuit board is OTMF-B421 TYPE, did I can to replace that sensor and which is that one or I need to buy another remote?

    Thank you very much!

    • The Magic remote has a gyroscope that monitors the tilt of the remote and the cursor on the screen reacts to this. If the cursor moves randomly, most likely the remote control is defective and must be replaced.

  31. Hello TV is TV PANASONIC TX-32FS400E LED SMART TV, 32.0 “, 80.0 см , can i use a magic remote and wich model ?
    Thank you in advance.

    • Yes it is a 2018 smart TV, entry level. The magic remote is not supported, only works with a standard remote .

  32. Hello,
    I have LG UH650T model tv and the remote MR650 got damaged. The same model magic remote is not available now and LG is replacing it with a standard remote. On the other hand MR650A is available, which is meant for 2017 models. I would like to ask you whether this MR650A remote will be compatible with my TV. Thanks it advance.

      • Would it work if a bluetooth adapter were added? If yes, which would be the best one to use?

        • You can find a replacement for the original remote control with a USB adapter. But as a rule such remotes do not have voice control and very often the cursor does not work. You have to read the reviews of real customers.

      • Yes, the remote control Magic will work with your TV, you need to buy the remote control model AN-MR19

  33. Hi, as I see the only compatible magic remote for my 42LB650V-ZN is the AN-MR500. Is that right? Is it still in the market? How can I buy it? Thanks

    • Yes this remote is compatible with your TV. Many companies sell remotes, original and replacement, search online.

      • hye..can we use lb6xx tv series with other than an-mr500 since i recon this kind of remote discontinued already

        • No an-mr500 cannot be replaced with another remote control, look for a replacement for the original remote control.

  34. Hello! Can you kindly advise which of the newer remotes will work with an OLED55E8PLA? I am not sure if this was a 2017 or 2018 model.
    S/W is 05.20.02 and the original remote is part # AN-MR18BA.
    Many thanks,

    • UN7300 compatible AN-MR20. The 2018 and 2019 remotes should also work AN-MR19, AN-MR18.
      AN-MR650A – not compatible and will not work

  35. I have 75UN6970PUD.
    Is there a magic remote that’s compatible with my tv? I can’t find it on the list. Help please 🙂

  36. Hi, I have a LG 49UH610T tv. Would you be able to let me know which magic remote control is compatible ?

  37. Hi. I have a LG 55UK6200PLA (2019) Tv at my Home. Which type of LG magic remote control is the right one for my LG Tv? Thank You,Mitja from Slovenia.

  38. Hi do you have replacement remote for a 60ub850t-ta lg tv old remote wont pair up keeps asking for blue tooth initialised when you press ok wheel thanks graeme

    • AN-MR400

  39. Hi everyone. I have a LG 70un7070PUA. Are there any magic remotes that will work with this TV?

  40. Hi,

    My tv is LG 55SK8000PTA. It comes with AN-MR18BA as remote. Wondering if the AN-MR19BA will work as well as can’t seem to find theMR18BA replacement here.


    • Yes, remote controls 2019, 2020 support work with TVs of previous models up to 2018. But these are only the original remotes, replica remote control may not work correctly.

  41. My tv mode 65LB5830-UD… can i just update software for the magic remote to work fully? I can’t seem to get the ok/scroll working. Everything else works?

    • If your TV has Bluetooth, it is compatible with AN-MR600. In 2015 there were modifications of TVs with and without Bluetooth. It is possible to buy replacement remote control with a Bluetooth module connected to USB. But such remote control does not support voice commands.

    • Hi which remotes can I use for the 55UF770T and 43UF640T are there alternatives if I cannot find an MR600 ?

      • Look for replacement of the original remotes, LG does not indicate MR600 compatibility with other remotes.

  42. Hi, i have a 55UH650v tv, built august 2016, please which magic remote is compatible?

    Thanks in advance for your reply

  43. My TV UB65980T was working ok w MR500. However the remote broke and MR500 is now discontinued by LG…. What’s the solution?

    • You can buy a new remote, but on the outdated model TVs to find the original remote is difficult. Not original remotes usually do not support voice control.

      • I did buy MR500 replacement. However the pointer cursor moves only with scroll buttons… Shaking or moving the remote doesn’t move the cursor. All button functions work fine.

        Must appreciate your detailed study on tv models and remote.. LG should be thankful to you for this, like us! ,

        • maybe you bought an unoriginal remote control and it has no bluetooth in this case it will not work. The original remote control transmits information about the movement of the remote to the Bluetooth. The original remote also has a built-in gyroscope that reacts to the movement of the remote in space and moves the cursor over the screen through the Bluetooth.

          • Thanks a lot for the technical explanation. In the meantime, I got a new mr600 remote, this one is unable to register and gives a msg on the screen as “failed to register magic remote. Please try again” This msg repeats inspite of re-registration procedure of home n back key 10 sec, power cycle, exit button 5 sec etc
            Except the scroll/select button, every other button works fine. However, I am unable to select anything with this an600 remote. Please guide( my TV is 65UB980T).. thanks in advance!

  44. I have a 47LA690S. And where I am grom the am-mr400 is not available for sale. Is there aby other compatible remote?

  45. Hello, I have 79UB980V, old magic remote stopped working

    Is MR500 the only suitable magic remote working for this model? Thx

    • The UH5500 TV model does not have a built-in Bluetooth module. Work with Magic remote is not provided.

  46. Hi there. I have an lg 60uh770v. What is the right magic remote? An-rm600 or an-rm650. The original I have is the one with the magnifying glass central button

    • Hi there. Mine is 55UH617T, which remote is compatible with it? It wasn’t listed in your list and I scrolled over all the comments but none was identical to mine. Thanks a lot in advance.

  47. Are there any replacement IR remotes that will work with an LG CX OLED? I want to program my learning universal remote with the IR codes but the MR20 only sends out RF. I know the TV has an IR sensor because I can switch it on/off and control volume with the cable box remote (from codes). I want to program all of the functions into my universal and put the horrible Magic Remote in the drawer. I don’t care about pointer or voice control functionality.

      • Thanks, I found one on Amazon for $10 and it works a charm: all functions covered. I’ve programmed my master remote and put the others away in the drawer!

    • The model TV LG65UH615V does not have a built-in Bluetooth module, the Smart remote cannot be used.

    • LG 55UM7290PTD remote controllers are supported AN-MR19BA (does not come with a TV, must be purchased separately)

  48. LG 79 inch
    TV model 79UF7700-ub
    I need remote with voice mate the an Mr 600 no longer made. It used a USB with remote. I want voice mate
    What remote work full function with this Model LG 79uf7700ub. Thanks

  49. Hi. My magic remote for my TV is faulty and I need a replacement. The TV model number is 55UJ652T-TB and it was manufactured in April 2017. Can you tell me which magic remote is compatible? Thank you for reading this.

  50. Hi, I have an LG 42LN570T which uses a AKB73756557 remote that is now faulty. Can you advise of replacement options as I cannot find an original here, thanks.

    • This is an ordinary universal remote control for LG TVs. Any remote control (not magic remote)

  51. Does 43UH6030-UD support magic remote and if yes which of the magic remote. I have AN-MR650 but the pointer does not show either does the roller button works.

    • Magic remote not supported by tv 55UH6090
      In this TV model, Smart can be controlled from a smartphone using Magic Mobile Connectivity LG
      What to control the TV mobile phone and TV must be connected to a single computer network.

    • Your TV can work with Magic Remote AN-MR600. But the TV does not have bluetooth, you also need to buy a bluetooth adapter
      Bluetooth dongle

  52. Hi there, Adrian here, I am trying to find out which magic remote would my LG smart tv’s,and I haven’t found my tv models on the above list,I was hoping that you could help me.
    My tv’s are:
    Many thanks for your time Regards Adrian


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