LG magic remote, standard remote not working, how to fix


LG TV Remote Not Working TV 2011-2020

Troubleshooting LG Remote Control – If you have an LG TV with Magic Remote Control, the TV is controlled by radio signals. It does this using Bluetooth. If the remote is new, you will need to perform a first pairing to connect it to your TV. You may also need to pair the remote control with your TV after the batteries are replaced. Although the remote control and the TV will remember each other. This pairing is supported when the power is turned off. However, the connection protocol may fail, in which case the remote control may not work properly.

The order in which remote controls are paired varies depending on the model of TV (year your TV was made). How to pair the remote control with your TV (general rules).

If you need to match a remote to your TV you can see the compatibility of remotes in this article LG Magic Remote compatibility list 2011-2020 year

LG Magic remote pairing with TV

  • The TV should be on.
  • If there are similar TVs nearby, turn on only the one with which you want to pair up, unplug the others. The remote control can communicate with multiple TVs.
  • Pairing begins 20-30 seconds after the TV is turned on, the TV needs time to start the operating system.

LG Magic remote pairing with TV models of 2010-2011, LVxxxx models

Magic remote, appearance for TVs 2010-2011.

For initial pairing, place the remote control next to the TV set at arm’s length (optional but desirable), press the OK or MUTE button and hold it for about 5 seconds. Wait until the TV screen shows a message that the remote control and TV are paired. The backlight of the power button on the remote control will flash during pairing to provide visual information about what is pairing.

LG Magic remote pairing with TV models 2012-2019, series TV M, W, S, N, A, B, C, F, G, H, K

The appearance of the remote control Magic (2012-2019)

To pair a new TV remote control, you need to turn on the TV, insert the batteries into the remote control, point the remote to the TV (you need to be near the TV) and press the OK button (it’s a wheel like in a computer mouse). Keep the OK button pressed until the TV shows a pairing message.

LG TV not responding to remote. Magic remote does not work

This situation may be due to some kind of malfunction of the remote control or television. To solve the problem, check if the batteries in the remote control are low, we recommend replacing them with new ones. If the batteries do not work, you should reconnect the Magic Remote and your TV.

To do this, remove the pairing the remote control and TV, and then re-pair.

How do you reset LG TV remote Re-pairing the remote to the TV

If you need to re-pair the remote control or set up the remote control that was previously paired to the TV. You have to reset the previous tethering. To do this, press two BACK and HOME buttons on the remote control simultaneously. Keep the buttons pressed for at least 5 seconds. In this case the remote control will restart and become as if new.

If a pairing failure occurs during the pairing process, you must perform all the steps again. To do so, press and hold the GUIDE key for 5 seconds. You can then pair your TV and remote control again. We recommend that you do all the steps on the remote control near your TV.

LG standard remote not working

If your standard LG TV remote stops working, follow these steps to find the problem.

Check if the standard remote control works. To do this, take the phone, turn on the camera, point the camera at the remote control (infrared LED), it is located in front of the remote control. Then press any buttons on the remote control; if it works, the LED on the camera will flash. Notes: A standard remote control emits infrared light; a person cannot see light in this range, but the camera matrix will respond.

If the LED on the standard remote control flashes, it means that the remote is functional. The infrared receiver on the TV is not working. Since modern TV sets are computer, it is necessary to reboot the TV set, to do this disconnect the TV set from the network for 1-2 minutes (you need to disconnect the plug). After 1-2 minutes, turn on the TV, check if the remote control works, if it works, the problem was in the TV, associated with the software. If the TV set is not working, it must be repaired.

If the indicator on the remote control does not blink, replace the batteries with new ones. If replacing the batteries with new ones does not remedy the situation, a new remote control must be purchased.

LG TV remote some buttons not working

As a rule, the most frequently used buttons do not work on the remote control. These are the volume and channel switching buttons. The cause of the malfunction is loss of silicon button properties. The remote control must be disassembled and the contact pads must be wiped with alcohol to restore functionality. In 90% of cases it helps to restore the operability of the remote control buttons.


  1. I have a weird problem. After the tv being off all night I can’t get it to turn on. I have to unplug it then plug it back in. Then it works great all day. Does anyone else have this weird problem. So to reiterate the remote works all day. But once I turn it off for the night. The next morning it will not turn back on without it being unplugged and replugged in.

    • There is a malfunction in the TV, it looks like the receiver of signals from the remote control is also turned off. It should work on standby.

  2. my magic remote doesnt blink after replacing new batteries‍♀️the led light doesnt work after pressing HOME and BACK key

  3. Hi! I have an LG Magic Remote MR18 that works well until it doesn’t… what I need to do to make it work again is take out just one battery and put it right back in! after doing that, the power button lights up and start working!!

    When it doesn’t work, I can’t do anything is like the batteries are out completely! but again, if I take out just one of the two batteries (doesn’t matter which one) and put it back in, it works again.

    Any clue?

    • If you think about it, the remote control restarts when you pull out the battery and plug it back in. After a while, it does not work again. This is a malfunction of the remote control, we recommend you to take it apart and see what’s inside. Such a malfunction is more like a power failure, maybe the remote fell and the capacitor came off the circuit board.

  4. LG after 3 years same issue.

    Replace battery nothing

    Replace remote nothing

    Replace module wifi all fine for 1 month after this always same issue

    Non i see alot of poeple havé te same issue Is IT normal ? Obsolescence ?

  5. Hello, my TV remote got lost somehow and got another one but it’s not working, old what can I do to get it working?

  6. My leg smart remote power button stays red. When I removed the batteries and put them back in it blinks 3 times and stays red. If I move the cursor wheel it changes channels really fast. I’ve turned the TV off and on, I’ve tried holding all the buttons down in the suggested steps, checked infrared with phone. Nothing works.

  7. Our new model 2019 lg magic remote is not working and responding.no messages or problem defect are appearing on screen and power button also not blinking from your above suggestions.whats the reason to operate the remote,as it is new.

    • If you have installed the batteries correctly, it is likely that the remote control is faulty. In the factory, the remote control is usually just put in the TV box.

  8. My lg smart tv remote 2019 series stopped working.. I replaced the batteries with Duracell AA BATTERIES. the remote start button blinked thrice.. but still the remote is not working.. pls help

  9. My back button, volume up bottom and side arrow button are mis-functioning. When i press these the led on power button also does not blink. Kindly help.

    • It is necessary to disassemble the remote control and wipe the contact areas under the buttons, you can use non-aggressive cleaning agents (alcohol-containing). You can use a spray to clean the screens of monitors.

    • Pairing the remote and the TV, the remote should be next to the TV. If nothing helps, maybe the remote control is faulty.

  10. My remote 2018 model will not pair. It says unsuccessful try again. When I press home and back buttons the remove red light doesn’t flash so presumably I am not resetting the remote. Any suggestions

    • Restore your TV and remote (power off), try to install LG remote program on your smartphone (Smart TV Remote Apps for LG Smart TVs). If the program works normally, you need to replace the remote control.

  11. My standard LG remote smart button doesn’t work. When I press it I see a signal and TV is showing current status not opening up smart TV menu?
    Can you please help.

  12. My remote works fine, except for the OK button, it says I must insert WiFi or connect Bluetooth dongle. What is the problem and how can I fix it? Help plz

    • There are options:
      1.The remote control gives an incorrect command, try pulling out and reinserting the batteries in the remote control.
      2. Unplug the TV completely from the mains, pull the plug out of the socket and turn it back on again in two minutes.
      3. Try pairing the remote and the TV again.

      If these steps do not correct the situation, it is very likely that the remote control is faulty and needs to be replaced.

        • If you turn off the TV for 1-2 hours. After turning on the TV, the remote works for a while. It looks like a Bluetooth module malfunction in the TV. What component of the module fails when it heats up.

  13. Hi I had LG AN-MR19BA Smart TV Magic Remote Control (2019). My problem is that the remote wheel is damage thats why i cant press “okay” or “enter”. The rubber on the wheel is removed and worst is that the silicon is not working anymore. I open it to check if how’s the roller doing but I got nothing. The enter is not working. Please do help me ASAP.

    • If the remote is damaged, we should buy a new one.

  14. My problem was that the OK/scroll wheel stopped working; or when it seemed to try to reconnect with the tv the message “bluetooth has to be turned on” appeared in the right corner”.
    I found the solution after trying others, and it was hard to find so I leave it here. First, you have to find out if the problem is in the controller or in the Tv.

    Problem in the TV:

    1. Disconnect the TV, and take out the batteries of the controller. Wait 60 seconds. Plug the Tv and turn it on. Wait 5 seconds. Put the batteries in the controller and try to reconnect by pressing the OK button.

    If the OK button doesn’t work, or yo get the message bluetooth has to be turned on then then:

    2. Go to General>Quick start > turn it of.
    3. Turn of the tv
    4. Turn on the Tv and press the OK in the controller.

    If this doesn’t work you will need 2 controllers to fix the problem

    1. Go to general settings > establish factory settings
    2. When you are in the initiation screen you will need to pair the second controller and presss OK.
    3. When you can open the general menu go tu general>quick start> tun off
    4. Turn off the TV and the turn on the TV and pair the controller which was not previously working.

    This error might repeat it’s self in the future, so try downloading the controller ap into your iOS or andoird phone

  15. Some buttons of my magic remote work but some don’t. How should I take it apart and wipe the pad with alcohol?

  16. when placing the batteries the power botton is blinking 3 times and thats all.
    after that the the remote control is not functioning

    • Check if the bluetooth is turned on in the TV settings. If the remote control worked before replacing the batteries, then most likely you need to re-pair.

  17. I have the magic remote at the bottom right except it has the voice control button where the home button is. I have not been able to get to the home screen for the week I have had the tv. Anyone have this issue?

        • Same issue here …
          Disconnect the power cable of the TV and the batteries from the remote … wait 2-3 minutes and then power on the TV. Put the batteries in the remote.
          For me this works, I have no problem in pairing again the magic remote

        • Some buttons of my magic remote work but some don’t. How should I take it apart and wipe the pad with alcohol?


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