TVs 4-9 series old division, new series TV Full HD, UHD, Super UHD, Premium UHD, OLED, QLED


Not so long ago, Korean TV manufacturers offered to divide TV sets into series, so that the buyer would understand what level to choose a TV. But the time passed and the division on the series became not relevant.

To replace the division in the series 4-9 comes a new concept, to distinguish TVs by class. Some companies experiment with the type of screen, others the size of the screen, they learn by what parameters buyers choose a TV.

Now the division of TVs into classes looks like this.

Most simple TVs

  • Most simple TVs – in this class were TVs with screens up to 32 inches and Full HD resolution sometimes and HD, although the production of such TVs is shrinking every year. earlier it was TVs 4 and 5 series.


  • UHD TV’s – a distinguishing feature of TVs, a screen with UHD resolution, support for standard functions. Televisions 6 and 7 series.

Super UHD and Premium UHD TV’s

  • Super UHD and Premium UHD TV’s  -improved screens, also in such TV sets higher parameters are claimed, in the case of higher quality materials are used, in addition to plastic, metal is used. These are TVs 8 and 9 series.


  • QLED, OLED TV’s – TVs with screens manufactured using new technologies, 10bit color depth, which allows more colors to be transmitted. Technical parameters as well as for the TV  9 series.

Special TV series

  • There are a series of TV sets, the distinguishing feature of which is the design, for example Samsung, this is the series of TVs THE FRAME, LG is promoting the line of LG SIGNATURE.
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