DLED screen, what is it (TVs and monitors) rewiev


In the description of TVs or monitors you can see the type of DLED screen. It is clear that this is a matrix of the screen with LED backlighting, and in fact now practically no other matrices are produced. Manufacturers have modernized production and transferred the backlight to LEDs instead of lamps. This is more economical, and also allows you to make, if necessary, a darkening (turning off) of some area of the screen.

What is DLED screen TV

DLED -this is an abbreviated name for the type of backlight Direct LED, LG came up with its own name, calling this technology FALD  (full-array local dimming).

The name DLED is needed only because of marketing. For example, they will write that in 2018 DLED technology was used on the TV. And the buyer does not know that this technology has been used in televisions since 2012.


DLED vs LED – In fact, there is no difference between LED and DLED, they are the same screens. The same backlight technology is located behind the screen. It is customary to indicate the type of screen matrix, for example LED, to specify which type of backlight is used by EDGE or Direct. DLED immediately added the backlight type Direct LED to the abbreviation, it turned out DLED. Of course, the next step will be the LED-Direct (LEDD) screen. Let’s see what marketing teams come up with.


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