Quantum Matrix and Quantum MINI LED in Samsung Neo Quantum TV 2021 what is it


At the end of 2020, Samsung applied for registration of the trademark Quantum Matrix and QUANTUM MINI LED. As it became clear from the releases, Quantum Matrix is the commercial name of the control system of the new screens, in such screens the backlight consists of a large number of mini LED and in turn such screens will be called QUANTUM MINI LED

Quantum Matrix
Quantum Matrix

QUANTUM MINI LED screens Samsung

Why the new QUANTUM MINI LED screens need a new LED brightness control system. Briefly about LED screens, LED backlighting was performed by LEDs, LEDs were installed from 8 to 200 depending on the size of the screen, and to get uniform lighting of the screen, a scattering lens was installed on each LED. In the Mini LED screens LEDs are installed in layers (at least so says Samsung), and the layers themselves are made of a special material to diffuse light. According to Samsung information there can be up to 8,000 mini LEDs in a single screen. If we read Samsung’s release about the new Neo QLED TVs.

Neo QLED increases the brightness scale to 12 bits with 4,096 gradations

Let’s now see what Samsung means by 12 bits of brightness, brightness has never been measured in bits. Maybe Samsung meant that the new TVs can have a color depth of 12 bits, yes it is possible, although unlikely, the existing QLED technology does not allow to create screens with a color depth of 12 bits.

4096 gradations of Samsung mini LED backlight

Now about 4096 gradations, is it 212 or 46, why 4096 gradations is unknown. But we can assume, because in the new QUANTUM MINI LED displays used multi-layer backlight mini LED, of course to do in one LED 4096 gradations of brightness is not appropriate, it should make 4096 voltage levels, which will be fed to the LED to change its brightness. And given that as a rule the supply voltage LED does not exceed 18 volts, the levels of gradation 4096, the voltage must change only by 0.00439453125 volts, this is a very small change in voltage and visually change the brightness of the screen, will not be noticeable.

But the combination of layers and the number of possible voltage levels to change the brightness of the backlight, in combination can and make like 4096 gradations of brightness. Let’s consider an example backlight consists of 4 layers of mini LED, voltage levels on each layer of Mini LED eight. Then the combinations will be 8x8x8x8 get 4096 possible conditional backlight levels. Why conditional, it is very difficult to make so many gradations of one color, but perhaps also will be used backlight type Dual LED.

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