Samsung’s Neo QLED 8K 2021 series TVs, and possibly some 4K models as well, will come with Slim One Connect. Let’s explain what this is and what nuances can expect the buyer of such a TV.

What is the Samsung One Connect Box TV.

Samsung proposed to make the TV in two parts, a display and a control unit. The TV screen and the One Connect Box are connected with a special cable. There were many versions of this scheme, first you had to connect the power cable from the mains to the display and the One Connect Box. In later versions, the power supply was placed in the One Connect and the display was also powered by a cable connecting the One Connect Box to the TV screen.

Screen in One Connect Box TVs

The TV has the following components: an electrical screen control board, a Bluetooth module, an infrared remote control signal receiver, and built-in speakers. A cable to connect to the external box is either neatly attached to the back of the TV if the One Connect Box is installed nearby or routed to the location of the One Connect Box

What’s in the One Connect Box

The One Connect Box is the brain of your TV and contains the power supply for the screen and the main circuit board (there are some TV models that require you to plug both parts of the TV into the electrical outlet). And the main board houses the processor, memory, HDMI, USB, LAN, and all the other ports.

One Connect Box vs Slim One Connect Box.

Slim One Connect Box
Slim One Connect Box

The One Connect Box is a big box, Samsung engineers thought to install it next to the TV or hide it somewhere else, Samsung offers a connecting cable up to 15 meters. But not everyone likes it. For example, you bought a TV and chose to mount it on the wall, in which case you need to find a place to hide the One Connect Box, and this is a problem, there are companies that offer services to install a special compartment in the wall behind the TV, in which it will be hidden. There are fasteners on the TV to mount the One Connect Box, but this arrangement was only suitable for TVs mounted on a stand, and was completely unacceptable when the TV was placed on the wall. To solve this problem, Samsung made a slim One Connect Box in 2021 that can be mounted on the back of the TV with almost no problem. The TV, along with the One Connect, can now easily be hung on the wall.

Why Samsung invented the One Connect Box.

Samsung does not talk about the reasons for creating this type of TV, but we can assume that it is to some extent an experiment that affects the direction of the service.

Consider this example, a television with a 75-inch screen and weighing 130.7 pounds (60 kg) mounted on the wall. A TV with an expensive screen, 8K resolution and suddenly stops working. An engineer comes to repair the TV, the main board needs to be replaced. How to remove the TV from the wall is somewhat problematic, you need 2, 3 people. And if the TV has an external One Connect Box, the engineer can easily replace the small box.

The history of the One Connect Box in Samsung TVs

One Connect SEK

In 2013-2014, Samsung first implemented the One Connect SEK system, but back then it was different. At the time, TVs were improving rapidly. Samsung suggested that users buy a One Connect SEK in a couple of years and so upgrade their TV to a newer model. But TVs were updating so rapidly (new types of screens, new processors, cheaper manufacturing) that after a few years, it was no longer worthwhile to improve the TV this way. The One Connect SEK evolved into the One Connect Box

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