Samsung’s 2021 TVs will have SpaceFit Sound, if you want to know what it is and how it works this article is for you.

What is SpaceFit Sound

SpaceFit Sound –    SpaceFit is the marketing name for the sound capabilities of Samsung televisions. An application for the Space Fit trademark for sound panels and speaker systems has been filed by Samsung in late 2020.

What is immersive sound

Immersive sound is when the listener hears surround sound, the viewer seems to be immersed in the surrounding sound effects. Immersive sound is created by reflected sound waves from various objects in the room. Sound waves are reflected from the walls of furniture and other objects in the interior. Note that immersive sound does not have a separate sound channel.

One of the simplest examples of immersive sound is when you are in an empty room (without furniture) talking, you hear an echo that surrounds you, because of the reflection of sound waves from the walls, this is the immersive sound waves.

Immersive sound good or bad

It is impossible to say unequivocally, if we consider the recording studio, the presence of immersion sound waves, it is bad, on the recordings will be heard echo. Immersive sound waves are fought in studios, they are tried to reduce them to a minimum, for this purpose the walls are made of special sound-absorbing material. And if we consider Immersive sound in TVs when watching videos, that’s a good thing.

How Immersive Sound Works on TV

Immersive sound
Immersive sound
Immersive sound
Immersive sound 2

To create Immersion sound, the TV must have more than two speakers, and necessarily in different directions, such as front, side and top, but because modern TVs are thin and cannot accommodate good speakers. You need as many sound streams as possible to create quality Immersion sound, Immersion sound will be of higher quality if the movie has 5.1 or 7.1 standard sound

The principle itself is quite simple, the sound waves are bounced off the walls, the ceiling, some of the sound waves return back to the sound board or TV, they have high-sensitivity microphones that receive immersive sound waves. The TV has the appropriate software installed, this software analyzes the level and direction of the sound waves that have bounced off objects or walls in the room and returned to the TV. The frequencies that are most absorbed by the interior of the room are amplified. Also the place from which the sound should come is analyzed, and the appropriate software correction is made. This creates high quality immersive sound.

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