Why Digital Signage Became so Popular During the Covid-19 Era


Digital signs cost far less these days thanks to Chinese factories shipping them overseas by the thousands, and it has never been easier to rig up and run your digital signs thanks to https://kitcast.tv/. Yet, it seems that the 2020 pandemic was the inciting incident that really caused digital signs to become popular worldwide. What was it about the pandemic that made digital signs so popular?

The Cost of Screens is Very Low

When buying a digital sign screen or large TV, it is usually the cost that prohibits most small businesses from investing. However, these days, the cost of large screen TVs and digital signs is very low, and the Covid pandemic didn’t really push prices up. In fact, all it did was cause Chinese factories to stockpile units, which is why they are so happy to let their inventory go for such low prices now that the lock-downs are over.

People Discovered How Easy Digital Signage Software Was

Perhaps it was all those months locked in their houses, or perhaps there was another reason, but it seems that digital signage software is now as easy to use as a YouTube video uploader. Did people become more tech savvy while they were locked in? Were there more online tutorials created while people were on lock down? It could be a coincidence, but the software has become easier to use and there is more support online for digital signage software, so small business owners are more amenable to using it.

People Needed No-Contact Options

Even though people knew that the lock down would eventually be over, they also knew that things were not going to go back to normal. Not only did companies want to operate at full capacity, but they also wanted to avoid future slowdowns for if this sort of thing happened again. They started to look for ways to remove humans from business transactions and interactions, and digital signs became a big part of that. They were being used to tell people when they could approach the checkouts and telling people when they could go into changing rooms, and digital signs all-but replaced the usual information desk worker. Social distancing and contactless interactions seems to go hand-in-hand with digital signs.

Other Possible Reasons

Above are the most probable reasons why digital signs being so popular in the post-Covid era, but life is rarely that simple. So, here are a few other possible reasons why digital signs have become so popular.

1 – People became more accustomed to video marketing

Being stuck indoors helped people appreciate digital marketing, and digital signs are a great way to host it.

2 – Digital signs are a trend

It could be that they are simply popular because they are an inexpensive trend that stores can indulge in.

3 – Making videos is easier than ever

Nowadays, we have Blender.org, Audacity, Gimp and Inkscape. All free programs, and all enabling people to make studio quality videos at a fraction of the cost.

4 – The freelance marketplace is booming

The lock-downs forced lots of people into freelance work, which means it is now cheaper than ever to buy good-quality digital signage video content.

5 – People are expecting digital signs

Some industries and businesses have adopted digital signs so thoroughly that stores and businesses without them will appear to be lacking in the eyes of the public.

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