Samsung for each country produces televisions have differences. Manufacturers do so because different countries have their own preferences and the company learned over the years of presence in the market preferences of buyers try as much as possible to meet their demand.

What can we say about the Samsung TVs in 2014 in Germany. Immediately struck by a very wide variety of models. But most of the models differ only in design and screen sizes that are put in one or another model, and do not forget that the difference may be in the type of tuner installed, you need to pay

attention to the last letter in the marking.

So actually in the series presented the following number of models

  • 4 series – 3 models
  • 5 series – 4 models
  • 6 series – 4 models
  • 7 series – 4 models
  • 8 series – 3 models

As you can see variety of TV in Germany there is not much of a problem if you organize TVs and understand that you wish to purchase.

To simplify the selection below is a table which collects the entire range of TVs Samsung (Germany) in 2014.

LED TV samsung 2014 Germany

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