Why wifi does not work well

You bought a new TV with the ability to connect to the network via WI-FI, pull cord did not want, and use the wireless connection. Day no comments on the TV there, but that evening, constantly buggy, then long loads, the picture slows down. At first you think it’s a problem with the internet but if you check the Internet speed on your computer make sure that everything is okay.

It remains television, the first thought is broken, read the forums, find the recommendation to upgrade the firmware of the TV, then the router’s firmware, after all the manipulations you know is not the case, as the last argument to connect the TV to a computer network cable, everything works fine.

Problem WI-FI problem solving

So what’s the deal? And the answer can be very simple congestion Wi-FI channel, especially if you live in a high-rise building.

What happens in this case is known to WI-FI band 2.4 GHz band has 14 channels and there are 38 5 GHz band channels, all of these channels are permitted in different ways in different countries, because the devices in 5GHz band began to arrive on the market not long ago about with 2010 because the standard was approved in 2009.

There are 13 channels, ideally to its access point can connect a maximum of 13 devices, each on a separate channel (access point provides connectivity larger number of devices (the number of connections of the theory is not limited), in which case there is a temporary channel separation for various devices connected to one channel).

Your TV contacted the access point and established a connection, the day everything is fine, people at work and your Internet is working fine, night coming home from work all begin to connect their equipment and in your apartment, you can find a dozen three, four devices (routers) that can be connect knowing the access code.

TV is connected to 3 channel to the router, the evening in this channel has been running for five or six units that clog their data packets broadcast, your TV and router they certainly do not perceive but at the same they can not time and communicate with each other fully as channel loaded. And you watch the videos themselves are loading channel for 20% -30% percent, but if the channel operates neighbor who looks online movie that your TV is available 20-30% of wire speed.

That’s because of this and there is bad work WI-FI.

How to improve WiFi performance

What can I try to do:

  • Turn off and turn on again the access point during the new connection equipment will choose the free channel.
  • Check the quality of the signal near the TV, your TV is possible in an uncertain reception area and you have to think about moving the router with a weak signal strength, data transfer rate decreases.
  • There is the recommendation to select the least busy channel monitored program inSSIDer channels, but it is not very advisable since you may have a free channel 6, and an hour later there will be 11 free channel.

And of course the most good option to connect the TV to a cable Іnternetu and create a connection with guaranteed speed of 100Mbit / s.


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