NFC Near Field Communication mean explained

For the ease of control and interaction between the user and the TV, especially since the advent of smartphones, NFC has emerged, and TVs have also begun to support Near Field Communication, NFC (“near field communication”) between different devices.

How NFC works in a nutshell

The principle behind this technology is that two devices can connect with each other wirelessly, but it requires the devices to be no more than 3 inches or 10 centimeters apart. In practice, due to electromagnetic interference, this distance is reduced by a factor of 2 to 3, depending on the intensity of the external electromagnetic field created by other devices. And the connection time is less than 1 second. NFC was created to transfer confidential information between two devices. In practice, we use it when paying in stores using a smartphone or bank cards with an NFC chip. NFC is a protocol for transmitting information in a radio channel.

NFC in TVs

Manufacturers have started coming up with ways to use NFC. LG has come up with the following way to use NFC to control a TV. The TV comes with an NFC tag, which is a chip similar to a bank card. If you have the TV control app installed on your smartphone, you can put it on the coffee table, for example. When you want to invoke the TV control app on your smartphone, you simply bring your smartphone to the tag and the app launches. Unfortunately, this idea didn’t catch on, and finding the tag isn’t the best way to launch an app on your smartphone. Let’s just say it was an experiment that didn’t live up to expectations.

NFC in the Magic Remote

The next step in the development of NFC was the placement of the module in the remote control. Now, if you are watching a video on your smartphone, it is enough to bring your smartphone to the remote control and the broadcast will automatically continue on the TV. To do this, the software on your smartphone must support NFC and understand what to do when receiving information from the remote control, this also applies to the TV.

NFC on the TV

Another possibility for NFC is when the NFC module is installed in the TV in a specific location. If you want to stream video from your smartphone to the TV, you can simply bring your smartphone to the location of the tag on the TV, and the TV will automatically start streaming video from your phone to the TV.

Other ways to use NFC

You should know that NFC has been tried in other ways as well, such as there have been experiments with calling through the TV’s NFC menu or instructions on how to use the device.

NFC isn’t very popular with TVs, most people are used to working with the TV or a remote control or voice assistants like Amazon or Alexa.

For information transfer connection type used WI-FI, NFC is used only to establish a quick connection.

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