AI ScaleNet for Samsung TV explained

Before the start of CES 2020, Samsung announced the creation of a new codec for compressing and transmitting streaming video. As stated by Samsung, the codec will allow you to transfer video in 8K format when the Internet is bad. This is brief if we discard the amount of non-essential information that occupies 90% of the Samsung press release.

Samsung thought about the following, when 8K resolution content appears for its 8K video distribution, you need a wide Internet channel, and if the user has poor Internet, then the image will slow down and freeze. We must come up with something like the original.
As a result, the idea was born to compress video from 8K format to 4K format and transmit in 4K format.

How AI ScaleNet Works

For example, a streaming video transmission service (for example, take Netflix) installs this codec on its servers. When the broadcast began, the server programs determine the Internet speed of the user, if it is not enough, the server starts to pinch the video into a low-resolution format and transfer it to the TV. The TV accepts 4K content and scales the image (possibly using special algorithms up to 8K).

 In the end, what can be said about AI ScaleNet

 The idea is certainly not new, Samsung just made an automatic bundle of the server with the codec and the TV. Today, all these problems are solved very simply, video hosting keeps several copies of video in different resolutions on their servers. When watching a video, the user can choose the image quality taking into account the bandwidth of the Internet and the quality of the device on which he is watching the video, or by default set the auto detection of the screen resolution of your device. Why watch 4K video for example on a phone with a Full HD screen.

The future of AI ScaleNet

Most likely the codec will not get wide distribution. For its mass launch, several conditions must be met.
 TV manufacturers must support the implementation and install these codecs on their TVs. But it is not yet standardized. And a special desire has not yet been observed. Video hosting providers should support this idea and use this codec for video on their servers.
Well and most importantly, and whether it is necessary at all, maybe the existing Internet speeds are quite enough.

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