Samsung Tap View on Samsung TVs

Starting 2020, Samsung TVs will use Tap View technology.

What is Tap-View? This is a new developed software for TVs, tablets phones. Designed to demonstrate images including video from a mobile device to a TV. It differs only in the activation method. To start transferring video from a phone or tablet to a TV, you just need to bring the phone to the TV.

How Samsung Tap View Works

A special program designed for devices running Android or iOS is installed on the mobile device. The TV must also support Tap View. The user needs to activate the program on the phone. The program activates the NFC mode in the phone. An NFC receiver is installed on the TV, when the phone is next to the receiver, the TV will read the information from the NFC phone. By default, this is a command to the TV to start showing content from a mobile device.

Information can be transmitted in two ways: First: When transmitting video that is planned to be shown, for example, from Youtube or Netflix, provided that the devices are connected to the same computer network, the TV will automatically download the necessary content from the Internet. The second way: if you plan to transfer content that will be transmitted from the phone, such as photos. Then the phone switches to the access point mode, the TV connects to the phone via WiFi and takes photos.

Device Requirements for Tap View

The requirements are as follows, the phone must support NFC. There should also be an NFC receiver on the TV, these are some 2020 models. OS is installed on the TV, version no later than 2020.

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