What is WiFi Smart screen Philips

Wi-Fi Smart Screen is the ability to transfer digital video between two devices, for example, you can broadcast video from your phone to the TV.

For example, this function is implemented in Philips TVs for its implementation you need to install the Philips MyRemote program on your mobile device, after installation you can control the TV using your tablet or phone. You can stream video from one device to another. You can also turn on the TV picture reception, in which case the TV via WI-FI will stream video to your mobile device.

What is a WIFI Smart screen?

WIFI Smart screen is the commercial name for Philips Miracast technology. Miracast technology transfers content between WIFI devices without the need for a WIFI switch, devices can communicate with each other directly. Miracast now also supports premium content such as Blu-ray movies, live TV and sports, and other copy-protected premium content.

How does the Philips Smart Screen work?

To use the Philips Smart Screen, download and install the Philips TV Remote app on your phone, computer or tablet. The Smart Screen must be enabled on your TV. When Smart Screen mode is turned on, the WiFi module in your TV switches to hotspot mode, your phone receives the video stream from the TV via Wi-Fi and displays it on your phone or tablet. Use the Philips TV Remote app to control the Smart Screen. You can also stream video from your smartphone to the TV.

You can go to another room and continue watching TV on your tablet instead of on your TV.

My TV doesn’t have a WiFi smart screen

You should know that the WIFI app for smart screen has been replaced by the Screen mirroring app. This is a new generation of software for Android TVs that also uses Miracast technology. Some video streaming apps already have the feature built in. For example, Youtube allows you to stream videos to your TV, tapping the share icon displays a list of available devices to which you can switch the broadcast.

To some extent, such features are used on TVs by a small number of users, but they are nevertheless in demand. Many apps have now been developed for both mobile devices and televisions. You can watch streaming video on many devices, on your phone, on your TV, on your tablet. You can subscribe to a streaming service and watch videos on any device that has the appropriate software and Internet connection.

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