Samsung TVs with non-Samsung screens

Samsung in some models of LED TVs of its own production buys displays from third-party manufacturers. They are not inferior to the quality of Samsung’s native displays, nevertheless it is interesting to know in which Samsung TVs the screen produced by another company will stand.

The purchase of displays from other companies is due to the fact that the factories for the production of displays are focused on the production of specific screen sizes. And the line at the factory cannot be rebuilt to produce other types of screens.

UHD screens in Samsung TVs of other companies

Flat panel LED screens UHD 43 inches and 58 inches Samsung does not produce. These screen sizes are purchased from third-party manufacturers. TVs with such screens are offered in the USA, Canada, Europe. It is also possible to supply and install other types of screens on Samsung TVs. The list of Samsung displays can be found in the article Samsung LED displays for TVs

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