In this article, we will summarize the results of 2014, according to the Samsung phones that were presented to customers. Let’s say at once that the range is quite large, the table includes all the phones that are on sale at the beginning of 2015. In the table, the phones are arranged by date they went on sale, and the main technical specifications of the phones are also listed. The table is in PDF format, click to enlarge and view.

 Comparison Chart phones Samsung Galaxy line of 2014

Comparison table of Samsung phones Galaxy line 2014

The undoubted leaders in performance are smartphones S5 and A7 series. In the table below these phones are put together for comparison. S5 is definitely the flagship with the best features, A series with a refined design, but slightly inferior to S series in terms of parameters, ALPHA has a worse phone battery, K zoom has a bigger camera than the phone. These smartphones have Super Amoled screens with HD resolution and have Full HD resolution, the processors at the end of 2014 are some of the best.

 Table Samsung smartphones with the best technical parameters.

Comparative table of the best phones Samsung Galaxy line 2014
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