Comparison televisions with a screen size  55 inches

For North America, more models are offered than TVs with a smaller screen size. This category includes TVs with OLED screens (production of LG matrices) or TVs with QLED screens from Samsung. OLED TVs are much more expensive than TVs with LED screens, but this is because of the high cost of producing screens.

Conditionally TVs are divided into 4 categories by rating.

The rating was made on the basis of technical characteristics of TVs, without taking into account the cost. Note that Sony offers few TV models, but their offerings with a higher cost, show quite good technical parameters.

LG and Samsung represent more models of TVs, but in spite of such diversity, there are actually fewer models, but to increase the number of offers, software restrictions can be introduced.

55' TV Samsung, LG, Sony compare

BrandratingModelYearPanel TypeScreen sizeTV type/seriesSeriesMotion RateRefresh RateBit screenscreen resolutionSmart platformspeakersProcessorCurvedtunerPorts
Samsung5UN55NU69002018VA55LED61206010 bit (8bit+FRC)UHDTizen(4.0)2x10WQuadNoATSC;ClearQAM2xHDMI(2.0);1xUSB(2.0)
Samsung4UN55NU71002018VA55LED71206010 bit (8bit+FRC)UHDTizen(4.0)2x10WQuadNoATSC;ClearQAM3xHDMI(2.0);2xUSB(2.0)
Samsung4UN55NU73002018VA55LED71206010 bit (8bit+FRC)UHDTizen(4.0)2x10WQuadYesATSC;ClearQAM3xHDMI(2.0);2xUSB(2.0)
Samsung3UN55NU80002018VA55LED824012010 bit (8bit+FRC)UHDTizen(4.0)2x10W+1x20W(woofer)QuadNoATSC;ClearQAM4xHDMI(2.0);2xUSB(2.0)
LG155E8PUA2018OLED (WRGB)55OLED824012010bitUHDwebOS 4.04x10W+2x10W (woofer)QuadNoATSC, Clear QAM4xHDMI(2.0);3xUSB(2.0)
LG155C8PUA2018OLED (WRGB)55OLED824012010bitUHDwebOS 4.02x10W+2x10W (woofer)QuadNoATSC, Clear QAM4xHDMI(2.0);3xUSB(2.0)
LG255SK9500PUA2018IPS55Super UHD924012010bitUHDwebOS 4.02x10W+2x10W (woofer)QuadNoATSC, Clear QAM4xHDMI(2.0);3xUSB(2.0)
LG255SK9000PUA2018IPS55Super UHD924012010bitUHDwebOS 4.02x10WQuadNoATSC, Clear QAM4xHDMI(2.0);3xUSB(2.0)
LG455UK7700PUD2018IPS55LED724012010 bits (8bits+FRC)UHDwebOS 4.02x10WQuadNoATSC, Clear QAM4xHDMI(2.0);3xUSB(2.0)
LG555UK6500AUA2018IPS (WRGB)55LED61206010 bits (8bits+FRC)UHDwebOS 4.02x10WQuadNoATSC, Clear QAM4xHDMI 2.0;2xUSB 2.0
LG555UK6300PUE2018IPS (WRGB)55LED61206010 bits (8bits+FRC)UHDwebOS 4.02x10WQuadNoATSC, Clear QAM3xHDMI 2.0;2xUSB 2.0
Sony1XBR-55A8F2018OLED (WRGB)55OLED824012010bitUHDAndroid4x10W+1x10W(woofer)QuadNoATSC, Clear QAM4xHDMI(2.0);2xUSB(2.0); 1xUSB(3.0)
Sony1XBR-55X900F2018VA55LED924012010bitUHDAndroid2x10WQuadNoATSC, Clear QAM4xHDMI(2.0);2xUSB(2.0); 1xUSB(3.0)

1 position in the ranking is occupied by TVs with OLED, QLED screens from LG and Samsung and TV series 9 from Sony with LED screen.

Televisions 1 rating

BrandratingModelYearPanel TypeScreen sizeTV type/seriesSeriesMotion RateRefresh Rate
LG155E8PUA2018OLED (WRGB)55OLED8240120
LG155C8PUA2018OLED (WRGB)55OLED8240120
Sony1XBR-55A8F2018OLED (WRGB)55OLED8240120


The TVs from SONY (XBR-55A8F, XBR-55X900F) are almost identical in their parameters in the TVs installed processors Mediatek MT5891, the CPU is built on four cores Cortex-A53 with a clock speed of 1.1 GHz. The graphics processor Mali-T860 MP2, two cores with a frequency of 0.7 GHz. RAM 2 GB, Built-in memory 16 GB.

TVs differ in the number of speakers in the model A8F 4 speakers of 10 W and subwoofer 10W, in X9000F two speakers of 10W, especially this is not critical because you can use external speakers.

And also the type of installed OLED and LED screens.

Pricing policy, TVs with OLED screens are much more expensive, this is due to the cost of production of OLED panels.

LG TV 55 inch

two identical models of TVs, differences in the number of speakers and design of TVs. Processors 4 nuclear but LG does not disclose the modification of the processor, you can note the installation of 3 GB of RAM and 8 GB of built-in.

Samsung TV 55 inch

All models of TVs are the same in their differences in design and type of screen illumination Q8F  Direct, Q7 edge.

2 Position in rating

BrandratingModelYearPanel TypeScreen sizeTV type/seriesSeriesMotion RateRefresh RateBit screen
LG255SK9500PUA2018IPS55Super UHD924012010bit
LG255SK9000PUA2018IPS55Super UHD924012010bit

The second position in the rating is occupied by TVs with QLED screens from Samsung and LG IPS matrix Super UHD. TV UN55Q6FNA installed a good screen matrix, but there are software limitations in the possibilities, there is no support for DTS codecs because of this, it does not fall into the first rating.

3 Position in rating

BrandratingModelYearPanel TypeScreen sizeTV type/seriesSeriesMotion RateRefresh RateBit screen
Samsung3UN55NU71002018VA55LED71206010 bit (8bit+FRC)
Samsung3UN55NU73002018VA55LED71206010 bit (8bit+FRC)
Samsung3UN55NU80002018VA55LED824012010 bit (8bit+FRC)
LG355UK7700PUD2018IPS55LED724012010 bit (8bit+FRC)

The TV sets have 8 bit matrix, but there is support for FRC, TVs are declared as 10 bit color depth support. Despite the support in some models of the ability to display video at a rate of 120 frames per second, which is in demand only when using a TV as a monitor.

4 Position in rating

Samsung4UN55NU69002018VA55LED61206010 bit (8bit+FRC)
LG455UK6500AUA2018IPS (WRGB)55LED61206010 bits (8bits+FRC)
LG455UK6300PUE2018IPS (WRGB)55LED61206010 bits (8bits+FRC)

The fourth position of the rating was occupied by TVs with more simple matrices, although the support for 10 bits of color depth with FRC was declared.

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