Lagging a bit in the development of new chips for mobile devices in early 2015, Qualcomm has developed and released a new 4-x-core Snapdragon processor 820, made on 14nm technology, which means a reduction of energy consumption, the nucleus are called Kryo™.

On the main characteristics can be distinguished

  • the frequency of the cores of 2.2 GHz
  • integrated graphics chip Qualcomm® Adreno ™ 530 GPU
  • DSP processor (signal processor) Qualcomm® Hexagon ™ DSP 680
  • Support digital camera 25 Mp
  • Support for 4K video
  • USB 3.0 support
  • Support for various communication standards, up to LTE.

What distinguishes this processor, production technology, managed to create a new kernel which uses less energy. and therefore less heated and had at the same clock speeds will be higher performance.

This chip is oriented to mobile devices, tablets.

Snapdragon 820 Processor Features

Snapdragon 820 Processor spec
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