Popular about HDR formats

In the process of improving digital video, developers began to think about how to improve the display of digital video. Existing parameters of digital video did not allow to improve image quality, image processing with the help of advanced processors, special algorithms allowed to slightly improve the image quality.

Therefore, dynamic content was invented, the principle of operation is very simple, when shooting a video, one frame is removed with brightness and contrast settings too high, which allows you to detail dark areas, and the other with understated, in this case you can clearly see the details in bright areas.

As a rule, the shooting is done by several cameras working in parallel, but there are also comparison algorithms and several frames shot sequentially, but there may be a problem when shooting dynamic scenes.

Then we superimpose the frames on each other and from 2 frames taken with different parameters one is done, in which the optimal parameters for displaying the dark and light sections of the video are taken.

The result is a frame with deep detail and smooth color tones.

For proper playback of HDR video, the TV must support the corresponding standard, because special data is transmitted in the digital video stream, which specifies additional image changes.

Standart HDR

HDR – the first standard, in it the video display parameters were set for the entire video stream. It is designed for display on any screens.

Standard HDR10

HDR10 –  Dynamic range data is transmitted for a large array of information, a group of frames. The color depth is supported in 10bit.

Standard HDR10+

HDR10+ – added additional metadata, which allows information to be transmitted for individual frames, the color depth is maintained at 10bit.

Standard Dolby Vision

Dolby Vision – professional standard, the support of color depth in 12bit is realized, it is used at creation of studio films.

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