MicroLED technology was developed back in 2000, but because of problems with the production of microscopic LEDs, it was not widely used, LED panels were developed only in large formats and used as billboards or dashboards in stadiums. In 2018, Samsung introduced a monitor whose screen is made using MicroLED LEDs.

Samsung was not the first company to decide to use MicroLED technology in the manufacture of screens. The first released released a TV with a MicroLED screen by Sony, which in 2012 developed an experimental model of a TV with a screen on MicroLED. But the technology of that time (5 years ago) was not perfect and Sony stopped working on the development of MicroLED displays.

Samsung decided to invest in the development of MicroLED technology which has a number of advantages compared to OLED or QLED screens.

Given the large number of LEDs, you can achieve a high-quality color rendering. Samsung also suggested using MicroLED to create a TV screen which is assembled from modules and it is possible to create a TV with a variable screen size.

MicroLED is still under development and is likely to be first implemented in televisions with large screens from 80 inches, but then it is quite possible to be used on TVs with small screens.

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